Here are some of Sergeant Derek Clarke's sketches of life as a POW. Both Derek and Harry had been in POW camps in Taiwan.  Derek, or 'Nobby', made sketches, caricatures and cartoons for the POW concerts .

The following shows a work party of POWs returning to the Omori Camp, crossing  over the wooden bridge which joined the prison to the mainland. The camp itself was on a reclaimed spit of land. Because the camp was surrounded by water, it had some protection from the bombing and fires of Tokyo.

The next sketch by Derek Clarke illustrates an episode that Harry may have witnessed--a Japanese guard striking a British soldier . On December 17th, 1943 Harry wrote in his diary, "One of the fellows got knocked out by the 'Hanchow' [Japanese guards] during the afternoon as he, too, was getting too weak to carry planks." That evening Harry reported the incident to the senior allied officer who told him that he would file a complaint about the treatment of the prisoner.