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Book Just Published
Harry's posthumous book
My Darling Wife: The true wartime letters & diaries of Harry Berry to Gwen 1940 - 1945 contains the letters he wrote to Gwen from overseas during WWII and the diary he kept which recorded much of his three and a half years as a prisoner of war in Singapore, Taiwan and Japan. 
My Darling Wife tells of his daily struggle for survival and how he raised the morale amongst his fellow soldiers by writing and producing camp concerts. 
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Book Just Published
No Cook's Tour
is the sister book to 
My Darling Wife .
Sapper Derek A (Nobby)Clarke tells the true and gripping tale of his journey to the Far East in 1941, his fight against the Japanese Imperial Army in Malaya, and his subsequent three and a half years' ordeal as a Prisoner of War. This posthumous book, illustrated by sketches "Nobby" drew while serving as a POW, faithfully portrays the daily life and conditions of captured British and Allied servicemen. Derek and his friend Harry Berry were liberated from the infamous Omori, Tokyo POW camp in August 1945 To order book on line, Click here.